What's new at the MakerSpace?

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It has been 1 year since the MakerSpace opened for the first time at NYU. The MakerSpace has been the center for creativity, design, engineering, and entrepreneurship. More than 5000 students, researchers, and faculty have used the MakerSpace in the past academic year.

The MakerSpace has given opportunities for numerous NYU student teams to participate in incredible competitions. These teams include NYU Baja SAE, NYU RDT, NYU Hyperloop, NYU Chem-E Car, NYU Concrete Canoe, NYU Steel Bridge, and NYU Smart Cities.

The MakerSpace has also hosted activities through student organizations within NYU, including:  Alpha Omega Epsilon (AOE),  Design for America of NYU (DFA),  InnoVention Society (IVS/EIA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE),  Patent Pending,  PolyBOTs, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Tau Beta Pi, Theta Tau, Undergraduate & Graduate Student Council, and Women in Search of Excellence (WISE).

Having so many affiliates should exhaust the resources available within the NYU MakerSpace, and so this year, they must have dwindled, right?

Not at all!

Along with everything from the previous academic year — machines, materials, mini grants, an awesome space for collaboration and innovation — we have so many fun, new and exciting changes, along with improved guidelines at the MakerSpace for this year!

Starting with the simplest: All the computers now run on Windows 10, and all the software are up-to-date.

The ultimaker 2 3D-printers have been updated to ultimaker 2+, and we have excellent quality PLA materials available. Along with this, TPU can now be used on these machines using the appropriate settings. Very soon, all the ultimakers will be networked, and recognized using Greek alphabets; they will not require the hassle of using the SD cards.

The OtherMill Pros have a new system of using tools. Now the users will get an entire box of all available tools, including flat endmills, ball endmills and engraving tools.

The vinyl cutter has more new colors of vinyl sheets.

We have a new work table and a dremel station will the necessary sanding bits. We also have a jigsaw and an orbit sander.

All the mojos are now networked like the dimension elites, so you can operate them from any computer.

The front board has a new cleaner look. So now you can read all the announcements without the messy handwriting.

A literal, huge addition is the drone testing arena located near the electronics area.

The GreenHouse area has the SkillShare sectionand  new materials in the ToolShed .

A fun new addition is the VR arena by the 4K display! (Anyone thinking of VR exclusive hours?)

The convection oven, furnace and Plastic Injection Molding machines have been set up, and are ready to use with appropriate training. The Micro X-ray Computer Tomography Scanner and Water Jet cutter are fully operational. Very soon, the MakerSpace will have a new 4-axis CNC machine.

We also have new MakerSpace employees, and familiar returning faces to assist you with your amazing Engineering and Design projects.

You can drink coffee and other beverages inside the MakerSpace; and now, even the ones with lids from a variety of places like the hut, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, the Jasper Kane café/dining hall, and other places, but only when you are seated at the white tables, or around the front desk.

Finally, if you haven’t already observed, the blog has a new look, and contains all the necessary information.

So, there is no more waiting, its time to begin making!