Mini Grant Winner : Portable Secondary Monitor

This blog post has been created by Chuwei Guo, the MakerSpace Mini Grant winner for the month of March, 2019.
Chuwei is a Computer Engineering student.

The main idea of this project is to provide a secondary monitor to display helpful information to increase productivity. Recently there are several attempts to create such portable display on crowd funding website, and several of them made it to retailers such as amazon. However, products such as the Vinpok Split and Mobile Pixel Duex are priced in the $200 to $300 range and similar products are retailing more on Amazon. The core Idea of this project is to create a small, more portable and affordable secondary display that can display a small amount of important information.

The design went through several iterations. The first model was a box enclosing five sides of the 3.5-inch display screen. However, the dimensions were not exactly right, and I did not take the heat produced by the on board processor into consideration.

As seen in the above picture, the Realtek processing unit in the center generates a lot of heat while converting 1080p video to fit the screen’s small resolution.

Therefore, the revision of the first design had an opening for heat to go through at the back. The revision also removed an additional side of the print to make fitting the screen easier.