Othermill Information

The Othermill Pro is a high precision consumer mini CNC mill. It can both mill 2.5D partsfrom materials such as aluminum or acrylic as well as mill circuits out of copper board blanks.
  • MakerSpace Orientation and Othermill Training are required to use this machine.
  • Users can change out cutting bits.
  • Users are allowed to bring personal cutting bits but must get approval from a MakerSpce staff member prior to use.
  • Users must vacuum out inside of machine after every use.
Bantam Tools Desktop Milling Machine Software (Required to run machine and generate cut files for PCBs or 2D cuts)
  • Accepted Filetypes:
    • Eagle BRD (.brd)
    • Gerber RS-274X (.gtl and .grb)
    • G-Code (.nc and .tap)
    • SVG (.svg)
Fusion 360 (Recommended for generating advanced toolpaths from 3D models)
Nominal Cutting Area (with spoilboard)
  • 5.5 × 4.5 × 1.35 in
  • 140 × 114 × 34.3 mm
Allowed Materials
  • FR-1 PCB Blanks (Available for purchase in the MakerSpace, single & double sided)
  • Acrylic
  • Machining Max
  • Linoleum
  • Aluminum
  • Delrin
  • Wood
  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
Material Settings (Feeds & Speeds) Forbidden Materials × Heavy Metals (including Lead) × Solid Copper × Steel × Titianium × Glass × Carbon Nano Fiber × Fiberglass × FR-3 Boards × FR-4 Boards Available Cutting Tools
  • Flat End Mill (1/8", 1/16", 1/32" 1/64")
  • Ball End Mill (1/8", 1/16", 1/32")
  • 30º V-bit (For engraving PCBs)
  • 80º V-bit (For engraving metals)
  • These tools are shared, and may occasionally break during use.
  • Please let us know so we can keep these in stock, and check your toolpaths if needed.
  • Anyone who breaks more than 2 tools will be charged $15 for each additional tool broken.
  • If you plan to purchase your own tool, you must check with a staff member to check compatibility prior to use.

A circuit board is being made on the Othermill.


A necklace place on a mannequin. The necklace is a bear made from a PBC board.

Making a Necklace from a PCB Board
July 30, 2020
By Florentina Sergiou

MIDI guitar being worked on in the MakerSpace. The guitar is made out of laser cut wood.

Mini Grant Winner : MIDI Guitar

By Anita Mohan

MakerSpace TA holding a small, white truss made from Fusion 360 and the Othermill.

Making a Tiny Truss!

By Abygale Sasha Pereira