MakerSpace Digital Badges

hand craft badge


The Hand Craft badge is awarded to NYU Affiliates who complete a series of technical and design workshops that provide them with the techniques they need to skillfully craft a quality product by hand. Through interactive workshops on design using leading industry standard software and hands-on training with crafting tools and machines for prototyping, badge recipients gain the skills they need to manually develop a product from conception to final production.

Creative Workshops (minimum 2):

Participants will design multi-perspective and creative products using basic sewing construction and portray their creations in a professionally appealing way. You will learn basic stitches, borders, and patterns that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe or pattern pieces if you’re constructing a garment.
Participants learn the basics of traditional origami and develop spatial skills that can be applied in engineering and design. This workshop will walk you through the origins of origami in Japan, cover the most commonly used folds, various paper types, and other traditional techniques.
Clone a t-shirt, create a tote bag, or design a creative pillow. Widely known as patternmaking and commonly used in the fashion industry as a precise and practical tool, participants will learn how to create something 3D by designing 2D patterns!
Participants learn the basic features of a sewing machine, different fabrics & stitches, and much more. You will learn how to thread a bobbin, sewing feet, and different types of seams that you can incorporate into your project and design.

Design and Innovation Studio (all required):

Participants focus on the fundamentals of ideation and cover the process of generating new ideas to solve problems that have been identified through research. You will learn the best practices of ideation, how to step beyond ordinary solutions, and participate in a series of creative exercises to gain hands-on experience.
Participants learn the fundamentals of rapid prototyping and cover the process of making products with the consumer in mind. You will learn the best practices of prototyping, view physical and digital product development samples, and examine each through prototyping techniques.

Technical Workshops (minimum 1):

Participants learn the Adobe Illustrator interface, drawing vector shapes, adding polished typography, and other essential skills to design a project of their own. You will implement these skills and have the opportunity to design a project of your own using the software.
Participants will learn more about Fusion 360 and advanced mechanical design principles.
Participants learn the Adobe Photoshop interface and fundamental tools such as layers, masks, blend modes, and adjustments that are needed to create a design. You will implement these skills and have the opportunity to design a project of your own using the software.

How do I get a badge?

To begin the badging process, choose which workshops and trainings you would like to attend from the list above. To sign up for a workshop, visit our Events Page. To sign up for a training, visit our Training and Reservations Page.

  1. Learn: Complete the required number of workshops and trainings listed under each badge based on your interests.
  2. Claim: Once you have completed the requirements for the desired badge, fill out and submit the Completed Badge Application.
  3. Approve: Our team will review your application and determine whether you are eligible to receive the badge.
  4. Share: Once approved, we will send you a digital certification package that includes everything you need to share your achievement and new skills including the badge icon and text for your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn.
  5. Certify: To validate your certification and ensure compliance with our badging procedure, successful badge recipients will have their name displayed below in our 'Certified Badge Holders' section as well as on each page for the badge they have received.

Badging Rules & Expectations

  1. Claiming Badges: You have one full school year (i.e. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021) to claim a badge.
  2. Workshops: To qualify for a desired badge, you must have attended the required workshops during the current school year (i.e. Fall 2020 - Spring 2021).
  3. Trainings: MakerSpace machine trainings are valid for 4 years.
  4. Not Interchangeable: Workshops and trainings are not interchangeable. You must attend a different set of trainings and workshops for each badge (i.e. if you attended Intro to Illustrator and used it to claim the Product Design badge, you cannot also use it towards Digital Design. You must attend another workshop. Same goes for machine trainings).