NYU Prototyping Fund

The NYU Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace, the Technology Management and Innovation Department, and New York City Future Manufacturing Collective (NYC-FMC) that awards teams of students up to $500 in the first round of funding and up to $2,000 in the second to be used to build prototypes, and connects them with the resources, tools, and mentors they need to bring their ideas to life. All applications are welcome, but we are prioritizing team applications first, specifically multi-disciplinary, multi-program, or multi-school teams.

**Please note, we can not support the purchase of software or hiring outside assistance, this includes gifts for testing and/or feedback.**


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Who It's For

This program is for students who are passionate about building new products and have an idea for an innovative hardware or software technology.

  • Funds must be used for tools and materials to build the prototype (not to pay someone else to build it for you)
  • All NYU students (undergrad and grad) are eligible to apply
  • Teams will be given preference (individual applicants will be considered)
  • Multi-school collaborations will be given preference
  • All teams must have at least one NYU student, but may also include members from outside the University as well

How To Participate

  • Awards will be granted twice per year (Fall and Spring semesters).
  • ~8 – 12 teams will receive awards each semester
  • Applicants can apply for up to $500 in prototyping funds for the first phase and up to $2000 for the second phase.
  • All funds will be distributed as a reimbursement for your expenses (when you provide a receipt)

Resources and Events

Awarded teams have access to:

Workshops: Two workshops focused on best practices in prototyping led by industry experts.

Equipment: Teams will be given access to key partners who can provide access to equipment and tools

Showcase: All funded projects will participate in an event at the end of the semester to showcase your prototypes to the NYU community

Prototyping Fund Workshops & Showcase:

There are 2 mandatory workshops throughout the semester, dates will be provided upon acceptance. There is then a Final Showcase towards the end of the semester, the date is provided upon acceptance as well, and available on the NYU DesignLab Eventbrite as soon as workshops are posted.

Awarded Teams