Sustainability @ NYU: Longboards

Picture of a longboard.

Project and blog post by Isabela “Isay” Acenas

At 4PM, the mechanics shop my parents work in closes, but at 4:01PM, I’m setting up for class in the back corner of the warehouse. Saws, screwdrivers, and safety glasses are on each worktable. Although remote learning has been difficult to manage across a 3-hour time difference, it has also allowed me to spend time in the warehouse I grew up in and dive deeper into woodworking (and teach classes in small groups while I’m at it).

I specialize in making longboards, particularly from upcycled trees that have fallen around the Bay Area and are intercepted before they reach the landfill. Whether it’s cypress from San Francisco or bay laurel from Palo Alto, I love taking any slab of wood and seeing what kinds of boards I can make out of them. In this video, I’ll take you through my process as I build a longboard deck out of cedar from San Francisco and griptape out of beach sand from Pacifica.

Isabela “Isay” Acenas is an Environmental Studies major at NYU College of Arts and Science, class of 2021.

picture of Isay in her studio.

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This blog post and video are a part of Design Week 2021: Designing Waste Out, presented by Design Lab @ NYU MakerSpace. Design Week is an annual week of events focused on a critical aspect of design. The theme this year is around sustainability and ways that we can all make a larger impact when we decide to take action and do something. The week is packed with talks, workshops, and a panel, and highlights projects like this one on sustainability happening at NYU. Learn more about Design Week here.