Upcoming VisionVoice, Inc. Access2Tech Virtual Conference!

Interested in learning about new job opportunities? Attend the VisionVoice, Inc. Access2Tech Virtual Conference! This conference is FREE for students seeking software engineering internships and entry level roles. This year’s conference is will be held August 13th-15th from 10AM – 3PM. The speakers for this year’s conference include: Latoya Westbrooks-Keeling, a Senior UX Researcher at Facebook, Christina Wick, Chief Technology Officer at Flowcode, Allison Ventura, Chelsea Kwong and Sean Ellison-Chen, who are all VisionVoice,Inc. Mentors!

VisionVoice, Inc. is an NYU Entrepreneurial Institute educational startup founded by Dessa Shephard. VisionVoice, Inc. is committed to building an equitable tech community and culture that is inclusive of female AfroX students and entry level software engineers. Every semester they host their Access2Tech Software Engineering Program Initiative, a structured mentorship program that supports students’ interests and skills development in software engineering with software engineer mentors from organizations such as Hubspot. Snap Inc. DealPath, Facebook and Flowcode. At the end of the year, their participants and students interested in participating come together for 3-days of technical and behavioral interview skills workshops, coding and networking via our conference.

Anyone interested in attending is encouraged to visit their conference website to view the conference agenda as well as to register: https://www.visionvoiceinc.org/access2tech