The Inclusive Autonomous Vehicle Design Challenge

Are you looking for something meaningful to do while quarantining at home? Do you want to work on an exciting challenge with great networking opportunities and a chance to win cash prizes? Make this summer one to remember by participating in The Inclusive Autonomous Vehicle Design Challenge!

Transportation plays an important role in society by allowing for communication between people, trade, and civilizations. But for many years, it has failed to effectively consider the needs of a vulnerable population – individuals with disabilities. With the rise of autonomous vehicles, the potential for accessible transportation is gradually increasing.  

The Inclusive Autonomous Vehicle Design Challenge proposes an opportunity to develop a design concept that makes autonomous vehicles usable by those who cannot drive independently. Teams of 3-4 participants will work on a project of mutual interest, concentrating on hardware & software solutions that overcome various drawbacks in the field of transportation.

To aid in the design process, experts in the industry will provide virtual trainings on product development, design deliverables, autonomous vehicles, inclusive design, and more.

The initiative is an excellent chance for students to showcase their skills, develop a prototype, and learn about iterative design processes from professionals – all while making a difference!

All participants will receive a certificate of participation and the top three innovations will receive a cash prize of up to $1500. These teams will also receive the incredible opportunity to develop a prototype proposal that will be sent to the U.S. Department of Transportation to build a working prototype and win more prizes!

To participate in the challenge, students should register on or before June 28, 2020. To accept prize money, participants must have an ITIN or SSN.