#NYU Engineers – This is for you! 

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Want to expand your portfolio of accomplishments while in school? 
Want bragging rights and win $10,000 in total prizes?
Contribute to innovations that shape the future of healthcare!
Join a team solving Healthcare Makerthon challenges!
When: Today, Sept 20
Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm
Where: Leslie eLab, 16 Washington Place
This evening you will

  • join a team
  • get a head start with brainstorming solutions with your teammates
  • receive feedback from healthcare experts on your idea
  • learn about cool APIs available for the Makerthon Weekend (Oct 6-8)
  • enjoy great food!

More about the Makerthon challenges 

I’m an engineer or a developer, what do I get out of the Healthcare Makerthon? 
  • Try new APIs and use healthcare sensors
  • Diversify your portfolio with healthcare projects
  • Use your talent to build the right solutions with healthcare experts
  • Receive guidance from industry experts
  • Rapidly and iteratively build MVPs based on customer insights
  • Did we say, enjoy great food? 🙂

More about the Makerthon challenges here.