Photo of microbial

Sustainability @ NYU: BioDesign

Annick Saralegui is a Gallatin Senior studying the intersection of design, microbiology, and sustainability through her concentration “Environmental Design for the Regenerative Economy.” In her most recent endeavor, she founded a climate science, culture, biology and design magazine known as “Symbiont.” This blog post and video are a part of Design Week 2021: Designing Waste Out, presented by Design Lab @ NYU MakerSpace. Design Week is an annual week of events focused on a critical aspect of design.…
Aquaponic farm set up.

Sustainability @ NYU: Fishel Aquaponics

Project and blog post by E.J. and E.W. Aquaponic farming produces environmentally sustainable food by leveraging natural relationships between water, fish, and plants. In an aquaponic system, water from a fish tank is cycled through a vegetable bed. The fish waste in this water provides organic fertilizer to the plants; as the roots absorb the fish waste, they purify the water for the fish. In contrast to conventional agriculture, a well-designed aquaponic system requires no…
Picture of a longboard.

Sustainability @ NYU: Longboards

Project and blog post by Isabela “Isay” Acenas At 4PM, the mechanics shop my parents work in closes, but at 4:01PM, I’m setting up for class in the back corner of the warehouse. Saws, screwdrivers, and safety glasses are on each worktable. Although remote learning has been difficult to manage across a 3-hour time difference, it has also allowed me to spend time in the warehouse I grew up in and dive deeper into woodworking…