NYU Tandon student uses the MakerSpace to create her own room décor

Florentina Sergiou, a junior at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, was featured in an apartment therapy article inspiring students to use their school’s MakerSpace to create wonderful room décor. Florentina is a TA at the NYU MakerSpace and used the laser cutter to create an abstract bear wall art piece that she has placed in her room (pictured above).

Florentina “found inspiration in her desire to ‘promote education about endangered animals as well as prevent endangerment,’ she says. ‘I drew design inspiration from Quibe, an artist that creates artwork using one line. I often share my creations on my Instagram stories (@flo.rentina). The MakerSpace Instagram (@NYUMakerSpace) showcases projects created in the space.’ Sergiou wanted a modern and technological flair to her piece. She first drew the design on paper and then made vector outlines in Adobe Illustrator based on the design she came up with on paper. It was then sent to the laser cutter for cutting on acrylic. She hung the final piece on her bedroom wall using double-sided tape.”

The NYU MakerSpace has a multitude of different equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, and even a water jet cutter. The same laser cutter can be used to make wooden signs and wall art. Other projects include using a 3D printer to make a neon sign with glued LED light strips. A MakerSpace, while is useful for larger projects, prototyping, and manufacturing, can also be used to create incredible room decorations that will make you the envy of your hall!

Source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-i-used-my-schools-3d-printer-and-laser-cutter-to-make-dorm-art-36630010

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