The Design Lab offers a number of connections with projects and competition, industry partnerships and funding opportunities for students here at NYU.

The details for NYU Prototyping Fund and MakerSpace Mini Grant are as follows:


Mini grant graphic

NYU Prototyping fund

The NYU Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute that awards teams of students up to $500 in the first round of funding and up to $2000 in the second to be used to build hardware or software prototypes, and connects them with the resources, tools, and mentors they need to bring their ideas to life.

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Mini grant

MakerSpace wants to you help you out a little! The monthly MakerSpace Mini Grant is an exciting way in which the NYU MakerSpace encourages student projects within New York University. Each month we award a grant of $50 to support a project being done in MakerSpace. The funding can be used to pay for MakerSpace services or you can submit a list of materials from trustworthy sites (such as Amazon, Sparkfun, etc.) and we will order them for you.

In return, you will be asked to write a blogpost at the end of the month describing your project, process, and the ways in which you used the NYU MakerSpace. The project doesn’t need to be completed in this time but the blogpost should highlight the progress made during the thirty days.

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