Project Materials

Materials for Purchase

Birch Wood (12”x12”x1/8”) -  $2.00
Vinyl (12"x30.5") - $2
Acrylic, Assorted Colors (12”x24”x1/8”) -  $15.00
PCB Blank FR-1, Single Sided  (4”x5”x1.6mm)- $1.00
PCB Blank FR-1, Double Sided (4”x5”x1.6mm) - $1.00
Dog Tags, Anodized Aluminum (1.96”x1.13"x.05”) - $2.00
PCB Blank FR-4 1/2oz, Double Sided (9”x12”x0.028”) -  $9.00
ProConduct Paste Packet (2.5g) - $14.00
Luggage Tags, Anodized Aluminum (3.875”x2”x.06”) - $3.00
Sanding Sheet, Various Grits (9”x11”) - $1.00
Machinable Wax (3.5”x3”x1.5”) - $8.00


Free Electrical Materials

Through-hole resistors
General PNP, general NPN, NPN Darlington transistors
SPDT Switch
Diodes (12V Zender, 5.1V Zender, general)
LEDs (5mm green, 5mm red, 5mm yellow, 5mm blue)
Crystal 16 MHz 20 pF
Ferrite Bread 40 OHM
Female, male header
Coin cell battery 3V
Push buttons
1K Trimmer Pot
EE3114 parts


Other Free Materials

Pencils and pens
Notecards (index cards)
Post It's
Rubber bands
Popsicle sticks
Card stock
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Assorted ribbon
Assorted yarn
Elmer's glue
Wood glue
Nuts and bolts


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