Project Materials

Birch Wood (12”x12”x1/8”) -  $2.00

Acrylic, Assorted Colors (12”x24”x1/8”) -  $15.00 

PCB Blank FR-1, Single Sided  (4”x5”x1.6mm)- $1.00

PCB Blank FR-1, Double Sided (4”x5”x1.6mm) - $1.00

Dog Tags, Anodized Aluminum (1.96”x1.13"x.05”) - $2.00

PCB Blank FR-4 1⁄2oz, Double Sided (9”x12”x0.028”) -  $9.00

ProConduct Paste Packet (2.5g) - $14.00

Luggage Tags, Anodized Aluminum (3.875”x2”x.06”) - $3.00

Sanding Sheet, Various Grits (9”x11”) - $1.00

Machinable Wax (3.5”x3”x1.5”) - $8.00


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