Your first step towards the Future of Food – Urban Food Lab

What does it take to grow enough food for all of us? How do we create food systems that meet the needs of our changing world? – and what role does technology play? Come join us as we explore our relationship with food and how it is likely to change in the coming years.

The GreenHouse at the MakerSpace is hosting a two-part workshop series focused on food and sustainability this fall.

Our first workshop in this series was a success. We invited Ricky Stephens of Agtech X and Jonas Guenther of We are the New Farmers to talk about the advancement of technology and the implications it has on the ways we would produce, consume and dispose of food in the coming years.

Be a part of our next workshop on Dec 8, as we explore how to farm in a controlled environment with Andrew Carter, co-founder of Smallhold – a provider of automated, subscription-based mini-farms and the only producer of mushrooms in NYC.  By the end of the workshop, you get to take home your very own mushroom kit.

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