Women in Tandon Makerspace featured in Washington Square News

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Some highlights from the article:

The MakerSpace at the Tandon School of Engineering provides a convenient platform for any students looking to bring their creativity and engineering prowess to life. It provides a collaborative lab space for students with a vast collection of 3-D printers, laser cutters and imaging softwares and offers funding, advising and array of expert guest speakers to nurture new ideas.

In 2017, the women of MakerSpace ran the show with innovation, new inventions and startups to use technology to improve the quality of life.

Professor Anne-Laure Fayard has worked with students to develop the Greenhouse, a space within the MakerSpace, overseeing programming and project funding. Fayard is the faculty advisor for the Greenhouse and is a member of the MakerSpace Advisory Board. “The space, supported by a VentureWell grant, shows the appetite of engineering students for innovation and collaboration and the need to provide them with a space and prototyping resources,” Fayard said. Fayard helped start the Prototyping Fund in partnership with the NYU Entrepreneurship Institute and also advises the Design for America NYU club within the MakerSpace.


Victoria Bill, the manager of the MakerSpace, has been integral in the formation and continuing success of the MakerSpace. Victoria is an engineer, herself, and in addition to currently serving on the MakerSpace Advisory Board, she helps by researching student interactions in the MakerSpace and developing ways to continue to evolve the space.


A team of NYU students headed to Hawthorne, California to compete in Elon Musk’s inaugural SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition last January. Magdalena Sawicka, a Tandon senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering is the captain of the Hyperloop Team. “The objective of Hyperloop is to design a pod to transport humans as quickly as possible from one point to another,” Sawicka said. “The team made the decision to emulate that goal with freight transport for the competition, but ultimately, the goal is faster travel for people.” Sawicka’s team was one of 27 chosen to compete out of 700. 


Also in the MakerSpace, Tandon graduate student Gabriella Cammarata is the lead designer on a project to develop low-cost orthotics for children with Cerebral Palsy being treated at NYU Langone Medical Center. “Our goal is to design an orthotics that can be fabricated fairly easily and at a low cost so as the child grows, it can be replaced. Eventually, we hope to design something simple enough that it can be assembled at home,” she said.


Regardless, women have truly made their mark on innovation at Tandon in the past two years. With Tandon’s class of 2021 enrolling the largest percentage of women to date, there’s no telling how women will continue to shape the MakerSpace and innovation throughout Tandon.

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