The Food and Sustainability Series is Here!

Interested in learning more about the future of food and urban agriculture? Do you want to know how to get started in urban agriculture? Come learn from the industry experts!

With the growing consumer demand for “local”, “fresh” and “organic” food exploding, the Urban Food Lab series focuses on teaching you how we can create a new food system for the future.

RSVP to both events below. We’re charging a refundable deposit (so we can buy enough food for you!), but it’s free for everyone to attend!

Event 1: Introduction to the Future of Food

Want to know why urban agriculture and vertical farming are increasing in popularity? Maybe you’re looking to learn more about how food waste is being handled? Join Ricky Stevens, founder of AgTech X and Jonas Guenther of We are the New Farmers as they present new opportunities at the intersection of Urban Farming, Sustainability and Technology.

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Event 2: DIY Mushroom Grow Kit

Come and build your own mushroom kit with Andrew Carter, co-founder of Smallhold as he discusses how to farm in a controlled environment and also how mushrooms can be great decomposers of the natural world, playing a major role in the re-circulation of the waste stream. You’ll get a nifty mushroom kit to take home by the end of the session! It can be the start of your own urban garden.

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