Rapid Prototyping workshop with Lee Kim

“The purpose of a prototype is not to sell but to get a reaction from the user, so that you can tweak it to suit their needs”Lee Kim

Rapid prototyping workshop was the second event in the Ideation series conducted by the Greenhouse at NYU MakerSpace. We had Lee Kim from Design for America to conduct the workshop which covered concepts in ideation, journey mapping and empathy interviews. Lee Kim did an amazing job of facilitating the event by designing clear cut tasks – understanding users, identifying problems in a specific task, sketching them out and identifying the emotions in each stage. The participant would then identify the processes that frustrated the user and try to solve for the same. The participants also briefly co-ordinated to build on each other’s ideas and come up with a super-idea that could make the world a better place!

Along with these tasks, Lee Kim also managed to take the participants on a journey through her storytelling skills. Learning about the idea behind every task in rapid prototyping was enlightening and made the session very interesting!

Pictures from rapid prototyping :

We hope to see you all at the next session in the Ideation series, for some more prototyping fun! We have Tejas Bhalerao, an interaction designer at MasterCard, who will be teaching us about UX prototyping tools. Register here : http://bit.ly/ux-prototyping-tools

More about ideation series : https://wp.nyu.edu/makerspace/2018/03/14/ideation-series/

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