Project of The Week: We Are The New Farmers!

Since it’s opening in fall 16’, the Makerspace has been home to many exiting projects ranging from robotic arms to high power rockets. One of the most exciting projects however, is a food computer made by grad student Jonas Guenther and his team of motivated entrepreneurs! A food computer is a specialized growing chamber in which climate, energy, and plant growth are controlled and monitored. One of the goals of the project is to reduce the environmental impact the agricultural industry has on the environment. This industry contributes about 20% percent of the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions! In addition to this, Guenther’s team wishes to expand the “vertical farming” trend. Vertical farming refers to a method of growing crops in stacked layers inside a building. With this method, more consumers can enjoy fresh local produce!

Jonas Guenther, Omar Gowayed, Selim Senocak, and Will Nodvik started the project in early October and were able to make significant progress with the help of the Makerspace’s staff and resources. In fact, they were one of the teams that won the fall 2016 Prototyping Fund, and also received Phase 2 funding in spring 2017. Currently, they are working towards applying for the Green Grant.

If you would like to get involved and feel passionate about vertical farming, feel free to e-mail Guenther. His e-mail is No experience required!