Project Of The Week: SILVANA


This week’s project features SILVANA!: A vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Team members Sam Zhao, Derrick Yuen, Michael Diaz, Michael Barnes, Safwat Hoque, and Carmine Del Priore are prototyping the aircraft for their senior design project. The group has been funded 1500 dollars by the Mechanical Engineering department (Note:This is the typical fund allocated to senior design projects by this department). The project spans the length of two semesters and has the following milestones:

Sample Meeting Minutes
Proposal Report
Hand Calculations Review
Design For Assembly Report
Simulations Review
Preliminary Design Review
Test And Evaluation Plan & Report
Drawings Package & Presentation
Assembly Report
Final Presentation and Report







The Solidworks software was used to model the shape of the plane and simulate the structural stability. After this was done, the parts were manufactured via 3D printers available at the Makerspace. Since the parts were very large, they had to be printed in sections and acetone welded together. Once the parts were ready, the motors and electronics were implemented inside the cockpit of the aircraft. Note: most of the components such as resistors, servo motors, and arduinos are available at the Makerspace for use.

So far the team has been able to get the drone to lift off the ground a height of 3 ft and are currently working on the control system to stabilize the aircraft. If you would like to learn more about the project feel free to stop by the group! They are usually at the Makerspace.