New Power Tools

The MakerSpace now has three new machines available to students: a compound miter saw, band saw, and drill press. The “Benchtop Power Tool Training” on our calendar covers use of all three of them.

The miter saw is good for short cuts and getting perfectly angled cuts. Possible projects range anywhere from simple picture frames to shelves and furniture.

The band saw currently has a 1/4″ blade and is good for both straight and oddly shaped cuts, like curves and squiggles. Possible projects include stands and figurines, or even just cutting down some material that’s too big to fit in the laser cutters.

The drill press is good for drilling holes of different size, depending on the bit used. Different bits are available upon request. Some project ideas could be making a candle holder or pen/pencil stand.

The materials you can cut are as follows: any type of wood, acrylic
Other materials must first be approved, please ask the front desk