Neuroscience and Mind Reading 101

The neuroscience and mind reading 101 workshop was conducted by Pia-Kelsey O’Neill and Jozsef from Genspace. Today, neuroscientists are developing new technologies to listen to and decipher the electrical activity of neurons in the brain. These technologies are already allowing people to control simple devices with their brains and in the future, may permit us to read out memories stored in the brain, among other things. In this workshop the participants learned how an electroencephalogram (EEG) works and how to use it to collect your ongoing brain waves.

The workshop was excellently conducted as the speakers were well prepared and had brought the equipment to demonstrate the functioning of the EEG. It was a very interesting topic and the participants got to hear about the connection of engineering with something not specifically related to engineering. The hands-on demonstration of the EEG in addition to the informative history behind it, live demonstration and networking with researchers outside NYU along with free food at the event had most participants quite excited. The speakers simplified the material and allowed audience participation. This was a wonderful workshop and received amazing response by the attendees.

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