Intro to Raspberry pi with Christian Moscardi

This week, we conducted the Intro to Raspberry pi workshop, the last workshop of the semester! Being one of the most popular topics and featuring a useful platform for creating simple devices, the raspberry pi workshop managed to invoke great participation. The students were very excited to learn about the board even during the end of the semester! The speaker Christian Moscardi, has extensive hardware prototyping and hacking experience, most recently placing semifinalist at NYC BigApps for a sub-$150 Pi-based bus countdown clock. More generally, he is currently finishing his Masters’ at NYU CUSP.

Christian did an amazing job in structuring this workshop in a way that is suitable for beginners. The participants used a Pi, Breadboard, Resistor, Photoresistor (AKA photocell), LED and Wires to learn how to make simple circuits. They used Etcher to write code in python to light up the LED and control its working. Christian did a great job in demonstrating the different components and explaining how they work.

Resources :

Here are some pictures from the event :

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