Ideation Series by Greenhouse at MakerSpace

The Greenhouse team at MakerSpace is conducting an Ideation workshop series aimed at introducing students to Design Thinking, Prototyping and processes that help in delivering the right product to users. The first workshop in the series was Introduction to Design Thinking held by Jason Charles from Design For America, NYU on February 20th. Students learnt how to make the “Perfect watch” by brainstorming and having continuous interviews with users. Simple prototypes were created using resources at MakerSpace and in the shortest of time! We are looking forward to the next set of workshops that aim to provide insights on journey maps, empathy interviews, prototyping tools and storytelling through data.

Please find the links to the events below. Hope to see you at MakerSpace soon!


Rapid Prototyping workshop with Lee Kim : RSVP here

Join Lee Kim from Design for America in a session of ideation, journey mapping and rapid prototyping. Lee is a transportation engineer/urban planner who believes in the magic of human connection. She specializes in pedestrian and transit modeling and believes that by understanding motivations – the “whys”- we can find better solutions.

Data visualization with D3 workshop by Tejas BhaleraoRSVP here

The workshop will be conducted by Tejas Bhalerao, an Interaction designer and prototyper at Mastercard. Learn the basics of data visualization and how it affects consumers. Build visualizations with D3 to effectively convey the data stories.

UX Prototyping Tools: RSVP here

Learn the fundamentals of prototyping with hands-on exercises using Sketch and InVision. You will also be provided with an overview of other tools and resources that can help you get a step ahead in UX design!

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