Data Visualization with Tejas Bhalerao

The Ideation series continued with the 3rd session last week which focused on Data Visualization with D3. This fantastic workshop was conducted at the MakerSpace by Tejas Bhalerao, an Interaction Designer and Prototyper at Mastercard Advisors. He is a part of the Innovation & Rapid Prototyping team responsible for conceptualizing and accelerating the development of data & analytics products using Design Thinking practices. With a hybrid background and experience in UX Design, Software Development and Product Management, Tejas is on a mission to ideate, design and prototype innovative user-centered products that create large scale positive impact. 

The participants were able to learn the basics of data visualization and how to build visualizations with D3 to effectively convey data stories. The topics covered included Introduction to Data Visualization, Charts, Design Process, Consumers, Benefits, Tools and Resources. Tejas described in detail the data set and design problem and even demonstrated how to wire-frame the data story. After this basic overview, he gave an introduction to D3 and showed how to code the visualizations. The participants found the workshop to be quite useful in terms of the topics covered, refining the data visualization skills, approaches and examples showcased. 

Resource Link for Slides

We hope to see you all at the next session in the Ideation series, for some more prototyping fun! In our next session on April 18, Tejas will be teaching us about UX prototyping tools. Register here :

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