Chatbot workshop with Karan Rajpal

How great would it be if you wrote a program that finds the jobs that you want from all over the internet? Last week, we had Karan Rajpal from Moat to give a workshop on creating a chatbot. The participants learnt to write the code to process natural language using python libraries. Karan gave a good introduction of Chatbots and NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques with up-to-date examples. The session was very informative and we were excited to see so many participants coming up with insightful questions and engaging in a long conversation with the expert. They appreciated Karan’s knowledge and the way NLP concepts were explained to them. The participants also found the session to be very interactive, hands-on and practical.

You can find the resources here.

We were very honored to have Karan at the Greenhouse, MakerSpace as he was technically sound and well prepared for the workshop.  We hope to have more collaboration in the future! Follow us on facebooktwitter and instagram for the latest events and activities!

Event pictures :