Waterjet Cutter

The WARDJet E-0606 is a CNC waterjet cutter capable of cutting precise lines in materials up to several inches in thickness.

The waterjet is operated by MakerSpace staff, so training is not required. However, anyone attending a cutting session must obey lab safety protocols, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

To learn more about the waterjet or to have your part evaluated, attend Waterjet Office Hours or email tandon-waterjet@nyu.edu


Submission guidelines

  • Cutting can be done by reservation or during Waterjet Office Hours.
  • You must be an active NYU student, faculty, or staff to request a cut.
  • Cutting is subject to availability.
  • Files must be provided in .dxf format.
  • Only one file per piece of material – If fitting multiple cuts on one piece of material it must be laid out ahead of time in the dxf file. There must be at least a  0.25" of space between parts.
  • Units must be set to inches.
  • Room must be left on the material for clamping on 2 sides. (1.5 – 2 inches).
  • No material or material storage is provided. Material must be brought with you and taken when done.


Any software capable of generating .DXF files can be used, but cut lines must be closed loops with no double lines.
For efficiency, splines should be converted to circular arcs.

AutoCAD is a popular CAD program for creating DXF files.
For SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor, right click a face and use Export Face as DXF.
For Fusion 360, SolidWorks, and Inventor, sketches can also be exported as DXF.

Nominal Cutting Area (X x Y x Z)

24" x 24" x 6"
.61m x .61m x .152m
The waterjet can cut extremely thick materials, however this can lead to extremely long cut times, poor surface finish, and loss of dimensional accuracy. For these reasons we recommend materials of 0.5" or less.


See MakerSpace staff to determine suitability of your material, some options include:
Steel (Mild, Hardened, Stainless)


Waterjets.org - General waterjet information and inspiration