Tormach Information

The Tormach PCNC 440 is a CNC, or computer numerically controlled, milling machine. Simple G-Code commands can be strung together into toolpaths, and the machine uses them to precisely remove material from a piece of stock, leaving behind the part that is desired.
  • MakerSpace Orientation and Tormach Training are required to use this machine.
    • Presently, the Tormach Training can be requested via email to
    • Visit our Training Page to learn about our MakerSpace Orientation, other machines, and services available at the MakerSpace.
  • It is recommended that you are comfortable using Fusion 360 (including CAM), have some experience with CNC machines, and know some basics about cutting metals before using this machine.
  • After completing the basic Tormach Training, your NYU ID will be entered into the system to give you access to the machine.
  • A member of MakerStaff must be present while you are using the machine until you are granted full access upon showing proficiency in operating the machine.
  Feeds & Speeds, Cutting Parameters
  • Setting an appropriate spindle RPM (speed) and tool movement rate (feed) is one of the most important considerations when machining.
  • These depend on the material to be cut, cutting tool used, width of cut (WOC), depth of cut (DOC), and machine used (the Tormach in this case).
  • Not sure where to start? Use data from the cutting tool's manufacturer when possible.
  • Otherwise, select a WOC that is 5% to 25% of the tool's diameter, and DOC of up to 50% of the tool's diameter.
  • Note: WOC goes by many names. Stepover, cut width, radial depth of cut, radial engagement, optimal load. So does DOC. Pass depth, Z passes, multiple depths, stepdown, etc.
  • The actual feed and speed can be calculated using SFM and IPT data from the tool manufacturer, or use an online calculator like these: Simple Feed & Speed Calculator - Choose Milling or Drilling and then Material. Enter tool diameter and 10,000 as "machine max" spindle speed.
  • The rest is calculated.
  • Advanced Speed & Feed Calculator - Read the Instruction link at the top of the page, especially the 'Beginners - READ ME' section.
  • The Tormach's max speed and HP should already be filled in at the top when using the URL in this link.
Table Size
  • 18 in x 6.3 in
  • (457mm x 160mm)
Travel (X ⋅ Y ⋅ Z)
  • 10 in x 6.25 in x 10 in
  • (254mm x 159mm x 254mm)
Spindle Speed
  • 300 - 10,000 RPM
Allowed Materials (You must bring your own material to cut on the Tormach) Consider the alloy and how machinable it is before buying material. Available Cutting Tools
  • HSS Jobber Drills (TiN coated) - 1/16"-1/2" by 1/64" increment
  • HSS Spot Drills - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
  • HSS 2 Flute End Mills - 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
  • HSS 4 Flute End Mills - 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
  • Carbide 2 Flute End Mill (TiAlN coated) - 3/8"
  • Carbide 4 Flute End Mill (TiAlN coated) - 3/8"
Fusion 360 Tool Library
  • These include tools available in the MakerSpace, and are programmed with feeds and speeds already.
  • Be aware these speeds may need to be adjusted based on the actual composition of the material being cut.
  • These can be imported into Fusion by right clicking on the 'Local' tool library -> Import Tool Library, or: How to import a cloud tool library.
  • Some Fusion 360 Tool Libraries can be found here (Google Drive).
  Refer to the Software tab for information on how to set the feed and speed, and cutting parameters.

A block is being zeroed on the Tormach.