Soldering Bench

Soldering Bench Information

Soldering is the process of melting and cooling solder to make a mechanical and electrical connection between metals or other conductive components.
  • MakerSpace Orientation is required before using any tool in the MakerSpace, but no additional training is required to use the soldering stations.
    • Visit our Training Page to learn about our MakerSpace Orientation.
  • If this is your first time soldering, ask a staff member to get some tips and help setting up.
  • Soldering tips should always be cleaned and a bead of solder left on them after use. This prevents corrosion, which will ruin the solder tips.
  • Always wet the sponge.
  • Safety glasses are required when soldering.
  • 6 Weller soldering stations with smoke absorbers
  • 2 Weller hot air rework stations
  • 2 Zephyrtronic Airbath convection pre-heat stations
  • PCB holders and third hand devices

Demo of soldering on a circuit board.