Shaker Table

The LDS V721 Electrodynamic Shaker is designed to recreate field vibrations for product testing, research, and quality assurance. Click to get trained.

Shaker Table Information

The Electrodynamic LDS (Ling Dynamic Systems) V721 Shaker delivers a force rating supporting payloads up to 100 kg (220 lb). It is well-suited for vibration testing products and structures from small components and hardware to medium-sized devices and structures.
  • Frequency: DC to 4000 Hz
  • Max Sine Force: 665 lbf
  • Max Sine Acceleration: 66 g
  • Max Random Force: 427 lbf
  • Max Displacement: +/-0.5 in

A project being tested on the electrodynamic shaker. The project is being tested to see if it could withstand the vibrations being created by the shaker table.