Form 3

The Form 3 is our standard SLA 3D printer. It uses a laser to cure liquid resin, for high resolution 3D printing.

Form 3 Training is required to use the Form 3. Visit our Training Page to learn more.
Payment must be made before print can begin.
All material changes must be performed by MakerSpace staff.
Gloves must be used whenever interacting with the Form 3, uncured resin, tools, or isopropyl alcohol, due to the risk of exposure to uncured resin. Resin Safety Data Sheets are available on Formlabs website and in the MakerSpace.

Formlab Form 3


Slicing Software
Software is available on PC between Objet PC and Ultimakers.

Build volume
145 × 145 × 185 mm
(5.7 × 5.7× 7.3 inches)

Print Materials
Standard Resins
Clear $0.15/mL
Black $0.15/mL
Engineering Resins - Post Cure Required
Durable $0.18/mL
Flexible $0.20/mL
Dental SG (biocompatible) $0.40/mL

Layer Height (Print resolution in Z-axis)
25–100 micron (0.10 mm to 0.025 mm)

Finishing Tools

Form Cure

Form Wash

Form Finish Kit

Form 2 Finish Kit
Form Wash
Form Cure

Design for 3D Printing on Form 2
Form Wash Settings
Form Cure Settings
Working with Flexible Resin

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