NYU MakerSpace Covid-19: MakerSpace produces face shields for local hospitals

Written by Elizabeth New – MakerSpace Asst. Manager

As we all adjust to new routines and take extra precautions to look after the health and well being of our families and colleagues, it is good to have the opportunity to take a break and appreciate the things we are all doing to help one another. We have received an amazing number of requests to help from students and staff and we really appreciate how everyone is coming together to help in every way they can. 

3D printing can be an efficient method of mass-producing needed supplies to prevent shortages. However, medical devices pose unique problems that require additional precautions in 3D printing. These shields have been approved by medical professionals who have agreed that they can be cleaned and reused.

After approval by NYU Langone Infection Prevention and Control last week, we began downloading the approved file to print on our machines. We have printed more than 170 visors, but we are also laser cutting the face shield – we can cut 12 sheets at a time on our Universal laser cutter. Not all labs have laser cutters, and we have been able to provide more than 700 face shields that can be attached to any of the visors printed by other labs using the same file.

After cutting the sheets get popped out of the plastic, the protective layer is peeled off, and they are cleaned and assembled.

We are working with  Dr. Lionnet and his team at NYU Langone who have put together a clean room to construct the visors that are then delivered to hospitals in the area.  These NYU researchers, students and professors have teamed up with medical community members to create more than 500 face shields – with more on the way! 

The MakerSpace has been able to provide face shields directly to Elmhurst Hospital, Queens Hospital, and Suny Downstate.

A HUGE THANKS to all of the medical and health professionals who are on the front lines fighting for our loved ones. We know how hard you are working and we will continue doing everything we can to support you!

194 thoughts on “NYU MakerSpace Covid-19: MakerSpace produces face shields for local hospitals

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