Visitors from University of Paris, Dauphine

The MakerSpace and GreenHouse attract students from everywhere: the School of Engineering, Nursing, Business and many other NYU Schools. It has also been an inspiration for International scholars and visitors to explore and learn about 3D Printing and Laser Cutting hands on. They also learn about the innovation and entrepreneurship fostered in the space. There have been students and faculty from Denmark, Portugal and now France!

Recently we had a team of Masters students majoring in Management from the University of Paris, Dauphine. These students learnt about the level of sophisticated technology the MakerSpace provides. They made their own personalized laser cut signs from the MakerSpace.


From Inno-vention to NYU Stern 300K Challenge, to the NYU Prototyping Fund, the MakerSpace  and GreenHouse have been the harbinger of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity for NYU students and researchers. With a state of the art technology and prototyping support, this is where ideas get wings. It is a matter of pride for NYU that scholars, students and faculty from not just NYU, but across the globe are visiting the space to get inspired.