The Circular Design Makeathon

On Tuesday, July 11th 2017, there was an event specially designed for building light prototypes for the circular design challenge of OpenIDEO. During the makeathon, there was a special guest speaker to inspire everyone about the benefits and necessities of a circular design. The event was hosted by Adhish Patel and me.

The challenge statement is “How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste?” The challenge has 3 opportunity areas:

Bunny Yan, the founder of the squirrelz, demonstrated how she and her team re uses everyday materials into amazing products which can actually generate capital. She showed some of her work such as a bracelet made of scrap aluminum sheet (too small to be used for anything), a bag made of unusable wall padding felt (too small to be used in walls), and a handbag made of candy wrappers!

At the end of the there was a team that decided to work on re-imagining the package.