OpenIDEO Pop-Up for Fall Prevention Challenge Refinement 2

On May 25th, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, there was a second refinement pop-up for the OpenIDEO Fall prevention challenge. This was as successful as the first one with a lot of feedback and insights.

This meet-up was special because we had people from all over New York and San Francisco. We had students, researchers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, engineers, industrial designers, and other professionals take part in the meet up. 

The idea was to further refine the 3 ideas by Joy, Bettina, and the DFA NYU Mobility devices for the elderly project team. During the meet up, each of the ideators presented the development in their ideas: Joy showing improvements in her Gait Going app, Bettina showing the testing of the stepWise program, and the DFA NYU team showing the progress of their all terrain cane.

With all the feedback the 3 ideas received, and the progress they have made, they are worthy of being in the current refinement phase. The ideas have have become clearer as time has progressed. Congratulations to all of them for making this far in the challenge!