Design Thinking Bootcamp with I Am Your Protector

On June 14th 2017, starting from 9:30 AM, the EventSpace hosted a Design Thinking Bootcamp for people from all over New York. This Design Thinking Bootcamp was facilitated by Dr. Anne-Laure Fayard, Associate Professor in the Department of Technology Management and Innovation, which offers every summer a design thinking bootcamp. This year, the bootcamp focused on a challenge posed by I Am Your Protector (a community of people who speak up and stand up for each other across religion, race, gender and beliefs), and Design for America of NYU will be working with them during the next academic year.

The boot-camp had over 45 participants (students from all majors and schools at NYU as well as students from other NYC schools and NYC professionals). It began with design research process from 11:00 AM to 1:20 PM. Participants were divided into 7 teams who were assigned a scavenger hunt. Each team obtained a chance to walk or use the subway and go to a community to find out about that community, how the people lived there, whether they liked the new comers, if they felt the community was safe, etc. The hunt was based on completing tasks getting points for those tasks. These tasks involved talking to people, observing the community, noting down the changes in the community etc. A total of 60 points on 160 were required. All teams acquired more than 60 points for research.

Drawing inspiration from an inspiration wall, and after going through all the phases of design thinking in the following order:

Research -> Synthesis -> Ideation -> Prototype

Only the test and iteration phases were not performed due to it being a limited timeframe.

All the teams built excellent prototypes and demonstrated them. The following slideshow shows the teams demonstrating the prototypes: