Technical Prototyping Series : September

Kudos to the MakerSpace team for conducting some amazing workshops! Some of the events are described below. Please visit the MakerSpace if you need guidance from the TAs and reach out to Raksha or Cherisha with any ideas for the space or events. See you soon!

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Intro to Arduino and Motor control

This workshop was an introduction to Arduino, conducted by David Lau. The attendees were able to learn how to write up basic codes for the Arduino. The workshop was mainly focussed on how to use specific functions such as the for loop. Using that knowledge, attendees learnt how to use it to control motors. We had a great response for this workshop. Stay tuned for another Arduino workshop that will be held in November.

Fusion 360 Workshop

Students learnt the basics of Fusion 360 and 3D modeling. Jonah did an amazing job in setting up the event and helping students learn the software and use it with the machines.

Intro to Illustrator

Thanks to Kathy for conducting this workshop on the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Students learn about some basic functions and how to use the software for laser cutting.

Intro to Soldering

This event was conducted by Hala where she taught students about the fundamentals of Soldering and helped them design a simple dimmer circuit.

Photographic 3d model construction

Students learnt about photogrammetry or the process of constructing a 3D model using photographs. Keaton did a great job in explaining about modifying 3D models and scanning object just by using a phone.