Green Grant for Plastic Shredder

NYU Green Grants are awarded to promising students, faculty and project groups to foster the university’s environmental performance, support community engagement, demonstrate the development of cleanest technologies, and nurture environmental literacy. The MakerSpace was awarded a Green Grant of $13,752 to develop a plastic shredder and recycling system for the waste generated by failed 3D prints.

The project has the potential for institutionalization on campus and can be further expanded to other plastic waste as well. The Design Lab at NYU looks forward to combating plastic waste by making the plastic shredder using the open source plans from Precious Plastics.  The plastic waste is shredded into flakes which can be extruded into new printing filament. This project aims at raising awareness towards sustainability, reducing waste and re-using materials to build a sense of responsibility. Read more about our Green Grant project here!

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