Cyprus Milled with Resin

Growing up Greek-Cypriot, I am constantly hearing stories about the homeland and have visited many times, so I wanted to show my love for the island and create a piece for my grandparents. I first 3D modeled the land of Cyprus on Fusion 360 with a frame. Once my design was completed, I used the ShopBot to mill out the surrounding area of the island. When the area was milled, I filled the gap with blue and white resin to replicate the ocean. The original plan included using mycelium substrate, but that did not grow properly, so I used scrap material I found in the space. Since the wood I used is a natural material, it gives the piece an organic aesthetic with a glossy finish of blue resin. 

The project took around 7 hours of work to create – 1 hour for the design, 3 hours to mill it out, 2 hours for resin [24 hours in between each layer to harden] 1 hour to clean the edges up and add finishing touches. 

3D Modeling

This is a screenshot of the Fusion 360 software, where I 3D modeled Cyprus. I started off with an Illustrator file then imported it into Fusion 360 to extrude and add the border.

Milling it Out

After modeling my piece, I used the ShopBot to mill out the surrounding area. Since it was a big piece of scrap, I had to cut the excess off with a Jigsaw. After milling, I used the Bandsaw to fix the edges and the belt sander to smooth the wood. 

Pouring Resin

I mixed blue and white Mica powder into resin, to create a glossy and wavy finish to the ocean around the island. Two layers and used a popsicle stick to add swirls to give it a 3D look. I let it harden for 24 hours in between each layer, covered so no particles get into it, and made sure it was on a flat surface so it wouldn’t shift and dry unevenly.

Future Considerations:

I want to try adding more layers of resin and mixing more shades of blue, and possibly other colors in. Using a heat gun could also help add a more flared and bubbly look. Lastly, I also want to experiment with different materials and shapes, as well as adding a 3D milled pattern to the “floor” to see how it shows up below the resin and form underwater mountains/waves.

Materials/Softwares You’ll Need:

  • ShopBot
  • Adobe Illustrator or Fusion 360
  • Wood
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Colored Mica Powder
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Measuring Cup
  • Mixing Cups
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Garbage Bag (to protect table)
  • Jigsaw (to cut your piece)
  • Saw and Sander (to clean it up)

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