Is MakerSpace open to people outside of NYU? 

The equipments can be used only by NYU students, staff and faculty. Some events that we conduct in the space may be open to the public.

How do I start using the machines?

Get trained on how to use the machines and attend the safety orientation. We will then scan your id and you are free to use the machines.

Do all the machines need training?

All the machines except the ultimaker need training. However, you need safety orientation before using any machine.

Where can I find out more about events at MakerSpace?

You can follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram for the latest updates.

Did not find what you were looking for? Reach out to us and will get back to you as soon as we can!

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NYU Tandon MakerSpace, 6 Metrotech center, Brooklyn, NY, 11201

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