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On Thursday, April 30th awardees of the NYU Prototyping Fund gathered via Zoom to share updates on their projects and showcase what they built over the semester.  The Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute that awards teams of students up to $500 in the first round of funding and up to $2,000 in a second round to be used to build prototypes  The
The InnoVention Competition is a tech startup challenge where NYU student entrepreneurs from across the globe build a team, prototype products, and pitch commercially-viable ventures to solve real-world problems. Last Wednesday, April 29th, concluded the final round of the semester-long competition where 5 finalist teams from NYU and 2 teams from NYU Abu Dhabi pitched their startup ideas through a virtual live session with over 200 participants showing up to witness the fierce competition over
Picklock (formerly Skeleton Key), an NYU startup led by Mary Georgescu (Tisch MFA ‘20) & Connor Carson (Tisch MFA ‘20), share lessons learned through their participation in the Prototyping Fund. When we began our prototyping journey in the Fall of 2019 we wanted to answer the question: How can we abstract the process of lockpicking?​ Originally we wanted a hook for our adventure game, Skeleton Key. We believed it would be thematic and exciting if we could have a
NYU iGEM: Biosensors for Water Contamination, an NYU startup led by Ali Hasan (Tandon BS ‘20) and David Sung (Tandon BS ‘21), share lessons learned through their participation in the Prototyping Fund. We are Ali Hasan (Tandon ‘20) and David Sung (Tandon ‘21), members of the NYU iGEM team. iGEM (International Genetic Engineering Machine) is an organization dedicated to solving global issues in various fields- including agricultural,  environmental, and pharmaceutical- using synthetic biology. Every year, iGEM teams from
Walkway, an NYU startup led by Benjamin Zhu (CAS BA ’23) & Max Trop (Tandon BS ’23), share lessons learned through their participation in the  Prototyping Fund Phase 1 We had no idea what would happen when we received help from the Prototyping Fund, what milestones we would achieve, and what would we learn. Both of us had and still have a large learning curve considering that we are still undergraduate freshmen. From the start, we immediately

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