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This post was written by Edward Quito, the winner of the November MakerSpace Mini Grant. Design process This project was a gift to my sister, who asked me to create LEDs for her room. Rather than have simple LED lights strung around her bedroom, I thought of concentrating them into a unique design instead. I also wanted to incorporate her artwork into the design, which ended up being the corner flowers. As for the placement
Since establishing the Prototyping Fund in the Spring of 2013, we have held two showcases per year, largely in person. The Spring and Fall of 2020 presented the first two opportunities to host the event in a virtual setting.  In both cases, we were impressed by the teams’ resilience and ability to keep working on their prototypes (asking questions, building to testing, collecting feedback and iterating) despite the complex context of an unusual semester. The
The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute has announced two new fellowship and funding opportunities: the Female Founders Fellowship and the First Generation to College Founders Fellowship. The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is excited to share a new Female Founders Fellowship to better support student entrepreneurs who are committed to advancing gender equality in entrepreneurship! The program will equip 15-25 fellows each year, with the following support: Training: Fellows will have access to comprehensive startup training and mentorship through The NYU Entrepreneurial
The MakerSpace is excited to introduce the addition of a digital badging program that will allow you to acquire new skills and display your achievements. These badges will demonstrate new skills and competencies gained from attending a series of our workshops and machine trainings. Each badge earned can be added to your LinkedIn, portfolio, or resumé to show off your understanding of leading softwares and hardware, machines and tools, the design thinking process, and much
Interested in participating in an NYU Startup Sprint? The J-Term Startup Sprint will be held virtually from January 12-22, 2021. Sprints are two-week programs that teach aspiring NYU entrepreneur teams to transform their ideas and inventions into businesses. Sprints challenge participants to deepen their understanding of their customers and build robust business models. NYU students, faculty & staff are welcome to apply.  Teams in the Sprint will experience: Expert startup coachingDaily skills-building workshops$1,000 grant funding $5,000

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