Nike Circular Innovation Challenge: Design new products with Nike Grind

Are you looking for an innovation and design challenge? Are you interested in sustainability? Are you interested in materials? If you responded yes to at least one of these questions, make sure to check the Nike Circular Innovation Challenge using circular design and Nike Grind materials.

Enter the Nike Grind Challenge on OpenIDEO innovation platform to win up to $30,000 of funding for your concept: All early-stage ideas submitted to the Nike Circular Innovation Challenge: Design with Grind will have a chance to win. Four winners will receive an award of $5,000 each and a Grand Prize winner will receive $30,000.


What is Nike Grind?

Nike Grind is a palette of premium recycled materials recovered from used footwear and manufacturing scrap. Since 1990, Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program has collected and recycled more than 30 million pairs of used shoes—including non-Nike footwear. And to date, Nike Grind materials have been incorporated into more than 1 billion square feet of sport surfaces, such as running tracks, athletic fields, gym floors, and playgrounds.

What is OpenIDEO? 

OpenIDEO is a global community of professionals working together to design solutions for the world’s biggest challenges. OpenIDEO has over 50,000 community members from 170+ countries.


What is the circular economy? 

The circular economy is a world in which materials can be used and reused at their highest potential. Nike is pushing the boundaries of the circular economy by transforming waste into value streams.

And if you want to warm up your prototyping skills before joining the challenge, make sure to join our Rapid Prototyping Workshop on March 23rd at NYU MakerSpace: