New Mojo and Dimension Elite Prices

The 3D pricing for our Dimension Elites and Mojos is catered towards the cost of a tray, infill and the number of days your print takes. Trays are $5.00 for a Mojo, $10.00 for Elites. The infill pricing is $0.00 for low density, $5.00 for high density, and $10.00 for solid infill. Additionally, we are now charging $10.00 per day if your print takes longer than 48 hours.

Some examples using our pricing is as follows: if you wish to print something on our Elite printers with a low density infill, and a print time of 30 hours, your print will cost a total of $10.00. If the print takes 60 hours, your print cost will be $20.00.  A 73-hour print under the previous conditions will cost $30.00. If you were to print with the Mojo, with the settings of solid infill, and 50 hours of print time, your cost will be $25.00.

Below is a chart breakdown of our 3D printing pricing information, if you have any questions please feel free to contact anyone working in MakerSpace!


Final 3D Printing Price = Tray + Infil + Hours