3D Printing

*Before you book your in-person check in for any training, you must complete the online NYUStream portion to receive certification on that machine. First-time users must complete the Orientation trainings.*


Learn the basics of 3D printing, how to operate the Ultimaker 3 printers, and the Cura software.

I'm trained, no reservation needed.
Advanced 3D Printers: Elite

Advanced 3D Printers
Learn advanced 3D printing using Stratasys Mojo, Elite, Fortus, F170, and F370 machines and GrabCAD Software.

form 3 and 3B

Form 3 & Form 3B
The Form 3 & Form 3B printers using resin, a high quality material. The Form 3 offers elastic, high temp, and clear resins. The Form 3B offers dental and biomedical clear resins.

Objet 30

Learn how to operate the Objet30 to print using acrylic-like resin, a high quality and high resolution material.